About Us

BENGAL RASAYAN is the premier healthcare products manufacturer company of West Bengal in India. The company produces the health care products such as i) Langol Brand Phenyle (Black Disinfectant fluid) II) Br-Dine (Povidone-Iodine Solution IP) available in 5%(w/v), 7.5%(w/v) and 10%(w/v) III) Nimbuu White Floor Cleaner IV) Nimbuu Green Floor Cleaner (Neem Scented Floor Cleaner) V) Nimbuu Citro (Lemon Scented white floor Cleaner). We operate with an aim to provide a qualitative product line to satisfy day-to-day cleaning Hygienic requirements of our worthy patrons. Thus, to maintain high-quality standards, we make use of premium grade basic material that is procured from the trusted vendors.To keep smooth trade operations, we work hard to maintain a brilliant supply-chain network and keep our in-house facilities up-to-date with the technological advancements.